Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

To prevent five million road traffic deaths globally by 2020, the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched on 11 May 2011 in more than 100 countries.
Moving from the Global Plan for the Decade to national action, many countries have taken measures towards improving road safety, either by developing national plans for the Decade (e.g. Australia, Mexico, the Philippines); introducing new laws (e.g. Chile, China, France, Honduras); or increasing enforcement of existing legislation (e.g. Brazil, Cambodia, the Russian Federation), among other concrete actions.

The recent UN General Assembly resolution on global road safety sponsored by more than 80 countries gives further impetus to the Decade by calling on countries to implement road safety activities in each of the five pillars of the Global Plan.

The Plan provides an overall framework for activities which may take place in the context of the Decade. The categories or "pillars" of activities are: building road safety management capacity; improving the safety of road infrastructure and broader transport networks; further developing the safety of vehicles; enhancing the behaviour of road users; and improving post-crash care. Indicators have been developed to measure progress in each of these areas. Governments, international agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector and other stakeholders are invited to make use of the Plan as a guiding document for the events and activities they will support as part of the Decade.   

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Decade of action for road safety 2011 - 2020

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